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Chiisai Renkinjutsu

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The alter-version of the roleplay: Lifstyles of the Full and Metal by Izuro

To give a brief summary of what happened, Dragontrap and I(Grifstar) went overboard with Izuro's RP. Almost turning it into our own without even really meaning it >< . So, since we didn't really want to kill off what we made, we basically branched out and made an alter!series.

Until we get caught up with everything we have written down, there won't be anyone else posting RPs here. We are not open to new players currently, but once we get things going, we'll be opening it up.

But so far, the cast conists of this:

Edward Elric - Dragontrap
Alphonse Elric - Grifstar
Temp!Winry - Grifstar
Temp!Pinako - Dragontrap
Envy - Izuro
Kain Fuery - Izuro

Orginal characters:

Ryu/Ryuuhaku - Dragontrap
Ignorance - Dragontrap
Shinsei - Grifstar (however Shinsei is mostly just a NPC that can be used by anyone)