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Wed, Sep. 7th, 2005, 08:50 pm
grifstar: Hmhmhmhm.... MWAHAHAHAHA!!! *cough**gag**weeze* x_x

Damn this place has gone a bit downhill lately.

Anyway, *cough* Chiisai is currently haitus until further notice. Other than me updating a few last things and getting stuff posted that's from early this summer that is right now rotting in backlogs. May also do a few other fun/time consuming excuses whenever I feel alive enough -_-

But don't get us wrong! Once everyone gets refreshed and ready to continue the RP should come back to life.... as season 2? XD;; With new posts, new angst(most likely >.>;), and prehaps some new/old faces... >.>.. <.<..

Until then though.....

.... *crawls under a rock* EVERYONE WISH FOR MY HEALTH TO COME BACK!! D:

Then again.. who am I even talking to here? ._.