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Sun, Jul. 10th, 2005, 04:04 pm
grifstar: Reunion

((Got like another month worth of writing to post ><))

Name: Reunion
Chapter #:
Location: The Guestroom
Characters: Edward and Alphonse (plus veggie!Envy who does nothing)
Rating: PG?
Summary: Ed and Al take the time to talk about what each other knows so far

    Ed snuck to the kitchen, trying to keep out of sight of either Pinako or Winry. He found an empty ice bag under the sink and filled it with ice from the freezer before returning to the guestroom, screwing the top on tight. He paused at the end of the lit hallway as he saw Winry peek into the guestroom, shutting the door just as quickly, and walking off towards the workshop in the back of the house. He slunk to the door, opened it quietly, and shutting after he slipped in. He stood there for a few moments, letting his eyes adjust to the darkness before making his way back over to the bed Al was on, and holding the icepack out to him "Here..."

"Arigato.." Al took the icepack and placed it over his head. He then looked back at the door, "ano.. is something wrong with Winry?"
Ed sat back down on the bed "Um.. Not sure... I've kind of missed out on some things while I was locked in Limbo..."

"Something doesn't seem right about her though.." he continued to look at the door, then he finally glanced over at the other bed, "looks like I REALLY missed out of alot of things..."

     He looked towards the door as well "Well if something IS wrong with her, I kind of missed what happend..."

Al sighed, it seemed like once they had one issue taken cared of, something else had to come around and throw everything off balance again.

He turned his glance back to the window, watching a cloud cross over the waxing moon. He should have been tired by now, but for some reason, he was wide awake as if he'd already slept.

"There's also been that dream he's been having lately... do you think.. it might mean anything?"

"I don't know... but I hope not..."

He stared off to the wall though not looking at anything particular, "it seems really real to him... and I don't know how to help him with it.... what if it really does happen?"

Ed sighed "Let's just hope for now it's nothing more than just a bad dream..."

"Hai..." he tried sitting up more, bringing his knees up and laying his arms on them but still holding the icepack in place.

"So I take it you're able to talk to him?"

"Hm?" he looked back up at Ed, "hai.. well.. sort of.." He glanced back at the wall, "being that we been basically sharing the same mind I can look into everything that he knows and has seen. Same for thoughts as well.. though.. I try not to do it often. But if he is unconscious then sometimes I can directly 'talk' to him too.."

He finally turned and looked at Al "Really?"

Al looked back, slightly takened back by his reaction, "uh h-hai."

"Hmmm..." he turned and looked back out the window again, watching the clouds starting to gather

Al sighed again, "I feel really bad for him though.. I mean, he's been alone for all of this time... his entire life actually."

"Wait... His whole life?" He looked back at Al, eyebrow raised "You mean he never had a body until now?"

"Well when you think about it. If he is part of me, then until the point we splited up he really never had an actual life of his own.." he paused for a second, "even if he does share some part of my soul, other than that we aren't really the same."

"True... Which means with you two sharing one body, only one gets to actually 'have' a life while the other is a standby... Not what I would call a Touka Koukan..." he looked away again

"Hai..." he turned his head to the opposite direction, "demo, what can we do about it? Somehow send one of us into a soulless body?... What sort of price would we have to pay just to achive that?"

Ed sighed "I'm not asking either of you to do that... Plus if it was soulless, it would be a dead body.... And we already know about trying to revive the dead..."

"Hai.. that's what started this whole thing...." Al sulked.

"I..." he sighed "... gomen Aru..."

"Iie.." Al sighed, "there's no need to start that now.."

Al already knew where this was going, and everytime it seemed like the same thing over and over. "Nii-san, there's not much to be sorry about. Nothing else, it was just both of our faults, okay?"

"Uh hai..." he sighed, this would only end up in a circle of 'It's my fault, no it's my fault' and they really didn't need to be doing that right now.. "How are you feeling?"

"Not sure.." he took off the ice pack for a few seconds, feeling fine. Although shortly after the burning pain came back and he place it back on his forehead, "still there... it's going to take awhile getting used to this."

"Hai.. but at least it's only the one spot..." he looked down at the floor, his hands folded

"Yeah.." he laid back down on the bed to see if maybe it would have relieve the pain a little.

"It'll more than likely burn for a while... Took about a day for it to settle down for me... And then I had to deal with the marks.." They were still bothering him, but at least they didn't hurt like earlier.

He looked to the side again, just thinking.

He watched at the clouds began to gather overhead, blocking the moonlight and draping the room in total darkness "I think it may snow tonight..."

He perked up a little, enough to sit up again and look out where the window us, "Yeah, looks like it."

He chuckled "Feels like it too..."

Al smiled, "hai, it does..."

"Maybe I should turn on the light..." he turned and started to stand up

He watched as Ed left off into the darkness, listening to his steps. Then he heard a flick and was blinded by a bright light.

He shut his eyes as the light blinded him, having to cover his eyes with a hand to see his way back to the bed

After awhile he adjusted to the light and took his hand away. It's been so long that he had to exprience that. Usually changes in light didn't bother him as much before during his time inside the armor.

Ed made his way back to the bed, and sitting back down in about the same spot as before, his clothes now completely dry from the dunking earlier that evening.

Al tried to sit up more straight. Though the Ouroboros stung a bit more when he moved again.
He stuck out a hand to Al to help him sit up "Don't over do it ok?"

"Uh, hai," Al slightly stared him then blinked a few times.

"Something wrong?"

"Huh? Oh, no.. it's nothing."

He rasied an eyebrow "You sure? If something is borthering you, let me know.."

"No, I'm fine," he took the icepack again, this time it seemed like the burning had left for awhile.

"Alright..." he looked over at Envy, who was in the same position as he had been placed "It's kind of weird being less than 5 feet from him and not having to fear for my life... Or yours for that matter..."

"I know.." he slowly looked over the side of the bed and saw Envy, who wasn't moving much at all right now. "How long has he been like this anyway?"

"I'm guessing since some time this morning after Ignorance did whatever he did to him... He pulled something out of Envy's head and threw it into Limbo, and he's been that way ever since..."

"Hmmm..." he looked at Envy curiously, "I wonder what he did to him.."

Ed shrugged "All I know is I was going to be sick... If I could have... He reached into Envy's head and pulled out what looked like a round, white object..."

Al just sat there, rather puzzled. What could have he done to him? "Has he responded to anything since then?"
"He only says 'yes of course' if you ask him a question... Otherwise he doesn't respond..."
"Hmm.... I wonder..."

"Wonder?" He looked back at Al

"Well, if he took something out of him, what if it was soul.. it would maybe explain why Envy is like this now.. but why?"

"I don't know.... Ignorance said something about it being his personality..."

Al continued to think about it, "well.. it's only just an idea.."

"Hai hai I know... But for some reason Ignorance hinted about something dealing with the red stones he supposedly wants all 3 of us to eat...." he shuddered as he thought about what they were, and he was NOT going to eat them if he could help it. "Something about Envy no longer being like that..."

Al didn't say anything and just kept staring at Envy.

All of a sudden he remembered the book he had been carrying. He reached under his coat, fishing around for the book that was still tucked away in the back of his pants... The book had gotten drenched just as he had, and it was still damp as he pulled it out. He hoped that the ink hadn't been ruined, but as he opened a few pages that were stuck together, everything that had been written or drawn was now no longer legible. If this book was like this, this meant his was as well "...Dammit...!" he threw the book to the floor and tried to find his in his pocket, but he came up empty-handed. "Nani..." He stood up and started looking for his nikki, looking in the pockets of his coat, and even the pockets of his pants. He couldn't find it anywhere, and the last place he saw it was when he was up in the tree. He remembered putting the book back in his coat, but now it was nowhere to be found. Maybe it fell out of his coat and landed on the floor of the room, or maybe he dropped it at the base of the tree... There was no telling where it went... He got down on the floor and started to look under the beds.

Al watched him search around the room without the slightest clue why, "ano.. what's wrong?"

He had his head stuck under the bed that Envy was laying on "My nikki.... It's missing..."

"I-it's missing?" his eyes widen a little, "uh, well.. when did you last use it?"

He sat up, kneeling on the floor "The tree that we used to go play at when we were little... The one near that waterfall.... I could have sworn I put it back in my pocket..." He stood back up and pulled off his coat, turning it upside down and shaking it. A wallet, two pencils, and some other things fell onto the floor, but the book was no where to be found "Where the hell is it...."

"M-maybe you just left it there by accident.." he slowly looked back up at Ed, suddenly glancing at a bright red mark that was across the back of his neck.

He sighed "Maybe.... I should go back and look..."

"Uh, maybe I should go with you then," Al tried to sit up more, there was a little bit of pain when he did but managed to ignore it.

Ed turned and looked at Al "You'd do better to just rest right now..."

"Demo, it would be easier to find if there was two of us.."

He walked over to the bed, and put a foot on it as he pushed the window open, letting in a very cold draft that smelled of snow. "Aru, I..." There was going to be no winning this one "....fine..."