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Fri, Jun. 10th, 2005, 06:05 am
ototo_aru: Keeping a Secret

    "Huh?" he thought about it, looking down at Envy, "do yo think that'll work?"

He shrugged "Better than leaving him out here and letting Pinako or Winry find him later..." he went over to Envy and poked him "I know you only can answer with that same phrase, but I need you to try and stand up..."

Al waited there for a reply back, but there wasn't any. "I guess we're gonna have to carry him then..."

Ed sighed "Might as well help me then..." he rolled Envy onto his back and reached his hands under Envy's arms "Aru take his feet and we'll see if we can get him to the bedroom window..."

"Uh, hai," he went to the other side and grabbed him by the legs, lifting him up. Luckly it didn't seem like Envy was very heavy to begin with, let alone with the two of them carring him making it lighter.

Ed walked backwards, looking over his shoulder as they made their way around the side of the house, him keeping an eye out for Winry or Pinako. He paused just before the workshop window, listening to make sure that no one would suddenly stick their head out to see what was going on. After a few moments of hearing the grinder going, he made sure he was as close to the wall as he could get, and ducked right under the window. The less Pinako and Winry knew about all of this, the better it would be for the both of them.

Al ducked as well after getting near the window, at the same time trying to keep up with the same speed as Ed. After they got far away enough from the window where the noise was no longer present he quietly whispered to him, "do you think they might have saw us?"

Ed shook his head and kept his voice down as they rounded the side of the house "I don't think so... If they had, the grinder would have stopped.."

"I guess you're right...." he followed him as they circled the house, eventually finding the window they wanted without having something interrupting them or being spotted.

"Aru I need you to go inside and open the window for me... I'll try to lift him up to you so we can get him in quicker... Ano... I have a question..."

"Hai," Al was about to leave until he heard the last part, "um.. what is it?"
"Do they know that I was gone?"

"Err... hai..." he looked towards the side, then just stared at the ground to hide his face. "They.. I told them everything..."

"Oh... Well I guess I can't be seen either then..." he sighed "Well just go open the window for me, and don't say anything if you get stopped..."

He just nodded back and went back around the house untill finding the front porch, then got inside. Luckly there wasn't anyone near the front end, most likely Pinako was still inside the workshop. As for Winry, he wasn't sure, but hopefully someplace far. He got into the guestroom without much trouble. As Al was about to get to the window he heard a soft yet somewhat loud bark behind him that made him jump. Then turning around to see that it was only Den. He felt more relieved and sighed, patting the dog on the head. Obiviously he was lonely and wanted some attention, though now wasn't a good time for it. The dog didn't stay around for very long and soon just left the room. Afterwards Al got to the window, unhooked a latch that kept it locked in place, then silently lifted the window up.

He looked up to see that the window had been opened up and Saw Al poke his head out. Just as he was about to lift Envy up, he heard Pinako's voice float through the open window, causing him to pause in mid-lift Dammit... Not now... "Aru something the matter? I heard Den and thought something might be wrong..."

Al's eyes went a little wide after hearing her, and watched Ed beginning to duck under the window with Envy to prevent from being seen. He turned around and tried to look as casual as possible. "I-Iie, nothing's wrong.. Den just seemed a bit lonely and was following me around."

She raised an eyebrow "You sure? You look a little pale..." she walked over to the bed he was leaning on and put the back of her hand to his forehead "You don't seem warm..."

Al jerked back away from the hand, though there wasn't much space for him to go to, "hai, I'm fine..."

She raised an eyebrow again at the reaction "Well if you say so... I don't want you getting sick again with everything that's been going on... Well Dinner will be ready in about an hour, so I'll come get you when the table's ready.." She turned to walk back out of the room, Den following her this time.

Al quietly shut the door a little ways then sighed. He then went back over to the window and peeked out of it using a soft tone, "that was close, are you okay?"

Ed had Envy slung over a shoulder, just looking up "Yeah..." he started to pass Envy up with not much trouble.

He managed to pull Envy through the window then temporaily setting him on the bed next to him. Then Al went back for Ed, though getting him up was going to be more tricky.

He put both hands on the windowsill and hoisted himself up with no problems, climbing into the window without any help, and putting both feet on the bed "So now what?" he looked at Al, and then down at Envy, who was about as lifeless as a doll at the moment.

"Not sure.." Al sighed and then glanced down at Envy, "I doubt we can hide him for long, eventually they'll figure out about all of this and..."

"Meaning.. We can't stay here much longer unless we want to get them involved..." he let out a frustrated sigh "This also means you can't tell them that I'm here either... Being that they think I'm gone now... It would just end up being weird in the worst possible way..."

"I know, but.. where should we go from here? I don't know how long Ignorance is going to let you stay here, and I doubt there's much I can do to extend it. Even if I could it'll still be limited and soon enough that time would come again anyways.."

Ed shook his head "I don't know... That's the whole thing about it... No matter where we go, he's going to find me... I just don't want to get anybody else invloved in this whole mess..."

"There's gotta be something... something to change it's mind. A reconsideration. Anything," Al hung his head down, "what else would it take to make the Gate satisfied?"

He gave Al a stern look "Aru... Just stop this please... You're not going back to the Gate, and that's final... And you can deny that all you want, but I know you keep thinking it..."

"But.." he didn't bother to look up, still just staring at the wood floor.

Ed sighed "Aru, I would rather it be like this than see you go back there... At least this way I know that whatever debt we seemed to still owe the Gate has been paid... And you'll be safe from it..."

"But...." Al curled up slightly while sit just sitting on the bed, shutting his eyes tightly, "... it hurts... knowing that you're in there... it just hurts.."

He reached out from where he still sat on the windowsill and put his left hand on top of Al's head "But at least I know you're not..." he smiled into the words


"Aru... I'm still going to keep my promise to make it back to you... No matter what happens, I'm going to keep it... May take me a while, but I'll find a loophole.."

"..." he wasn't sure what to say after that and just stayed quite like that for a minute or so, suddenly letting out a yawn.

Ed chuckled "Aru, why not take a nap? I'll keep an eye on Envy... and I'll hide us if someone knocks on the door.."

Al rubbed his eye, "... maybe I should take one.. While you were gone Ignorance came by during the night. Wasn't able to sleep much ever since then..." He looked back up at Ed, feeling a bit concerned about him, "are you sure you'll be fine?"

Ed nodded "Yeah I'm sure..." his hands were folded, his elbows resting on top of his legs. "If someone comes, I'll just drag Envy and hide somewhere... Maybe the closet would be a good spot to stuff him for awhile..." he laughed softly. He noticed the look Al was giving him and shook his head, still laughing "I'm only kidding ok? I'll more than likely just hide him and myself at the foot of the bed, away from the door..."

"Well.. if that'll work..." he said sounding a bit confused, then yawned again. He took over the other bed that Envy wasn't on and laid down, covering himself.with the blankets. "Good night, Nii-san..." it didn't take him long to doze off on it afterwards.