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Thu, Jun. 9th, 2005, 12:29 am
ototo_aru: Babysitting

((Finally been able to post more up, been somewhat haitus on the RP due to several events.. Which is mostly resolved now and should be able to get back into the swing of things ^_^))

    Al watched the portal close rather quickly, then turned his gaze down to Ed. He still couldn't believe what he was seeing, though very unused to the red markings that covered him. He squatted down next to him placing a hand ontop of him, since he seemed more awake of the two at the time anyway, "... Nii-san?"

He was blinking a bit, trying to shield his eyes with a hand from the harsh sun. Well at least he was out of Limbo.. for now...

Not more than 30 seconds had passed and Ignorance poked his head back through another portal "I almost forgot... You need to feed those two..." He produced a rather large vial filled almost to the top with something red, tossing it towards Al "And you had best give those to them because I WILL know if you don't..." he dissappeared again, the portal closing.

Al managed to catch the vial when it was thrown at him. There was something inside it, almost like the color of blood, with seemed like it could be glowing unless it was only his imagination. What is this..?

He looked around, squiting in the bright light "Aru...?"

"Nii-san?" he looked back down with the vial still in his hand. Unsure as to what to do with it right now he hid it behind his back, "is.. is that really you? Are you okay?"

"I think so... Damn it's bright out here..." As his eyes adjusted, he took a look around and saw Envy laying on the ground face down.

Al had so many things he wanted to say to him right now, though didn't know where to start. "I.. I was so afraid.. When Ignorance took you.. I wasn't sure if I was ever going to see you again.." he sniffed, holding back the tears that were wanting to come out. Then turned over, looking at Envy, ".. ano, who is that?"

"Envy... And before you freak out, Ignorance did something to him while we were in limbo.." He reached over and shook Envy "Oi, you alive over there?"

Envy lay still, but responded nonetheless. "Yes... Of course..." he said softly, almost monotone.

"Dammit... Again with that?" he sighed and sat there in the grass, finally able to slip his boot back on

"He.. did something to him?" Al raised an eyebrow. He wondered, if maybe whatever happened to Envy had a connection to Winry's memory lost. Though he went off to a different subject, "Ryu. Is he, did you see him..?"

"I did... But Ignorance split us up.... So I have no idea where he is..." he looked away from Al
"..." Al faced away from him depressingly, "I tried to save him.. but it didn't work. I failed.. I failed both of you.." he sobbed a little, "I couldn't do anything at all.."

He looked up "Aru... There was nothing that could be done..."

"But..." he didn't look back, "I said that I was going to help.. and then just when I made that promise all I did was ending up breaking it."

While on the topic, Al just went on. Actually he felt somewhat better letting some of these feelings out. "And it doesn't matter what you do Nii-san.. it doesn't matter if you go through the worse hell and then have to repeat it fives times over.. I'm still the next one the Gate wants." He clenched the hand that wasn't holding the vial tightly into a fist, "And even if it didn't. I still wouldn't be able to live with the guilt that there's somebody I know having to suffer for something that was suppose to be for me and only myself!"

"...." He didn't know what to say, all he could do was look at the ground. No matter how many times he tried to applogize, or even try to make Al see that he was going to try to keep that from happening, in the end.. Al's thoughts always seemed to remain the same.

He was positive that was definitely not the things Ed wanted to hear. And then felt bad for saying it. But, it was probably the only way to get his thoughts across.

"Gomen Aru.."

"...." he didn't say anything.

He started to get up, a bit unsteadly, using the tree for support. Everything was still rather hard to see, almost like everything had a hue around it.

Al saw him getting up, then tried to help him with both hands, dropping the vial into the grass.

He blinked a few times and watched the vial roll away from where Al had dropped it "Ano... What's that?"

"Huh?" he turned around, actually forgetting that he was holding it awhile ago and was now on the ground. He quickly went over to pick it up, "I'm.. Not too sure.. Ignorance gave it to me for you...."

He raised an eyebrow "Give it to.. me? Did he say why?"

"He said to.. 'feed' it to you.." Al said sounding really confused by the whole matter.

"He said WHAT!?!"

"That's what he said.. " he looked back at the vial. "I have no idea what this stuff is, but I'm sure it can't be good.."

"Let me see that..." he held out his hand as Al gave him the vial. He tilted it a few times "Oh HELL no...." he said with a mortified look on his face.

"Wh-what?! What is it?!"

"Y-you remember when I told you about the Philosopher's stone....? W-what it was made from?" he kept looking at the vial as he talked.

"Yeah.. wait... you don't mean that's... but then.. he wanted to...." after thinking about that, Al got a very sick look on his face.

    "Hai.. it is... And if he told you to 'feed' it to me... More than likely he meant Envy as well.... Dammit!! He's one sick bastard!!" He reared back, about to throw the vial as far as he could.

He watched the vial flying off a very far distance and looked back at Ed, "why does he want to give you that though? What... what would happen if you.... eat it.?" the last part made him shudder.

"I'm not sure... But I don't want to THINK about it.... Honestly... What hell does he take me for?"

"I don't know..." he looked at the ground, then noticing that it was getting dark out. "Ano, maybe we should go inside, it's better than being out here."

"Hai.... I think you're right.." he looked down at Envy "But I really SERIOUSLY doubt we can just waltz in there with him... And we can't leave him out here..." He thought for a moment "Aru I'm going to try and move him around to the side of the house.. Maybe we can get him through the window..."