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Tue, Jun. 14th, 2005, 12:50 am
grifstar: Switching of Souls

A few minutes went by, finally Al stirred a bit but only stopped after feeling a sharp pain, "Itaii...."

He paused for a second... Wait... That voice sounds different... "Aru...?"

He eyes went a little wide after hearing the voice. And on top of that... he was now able to feel pain.. which meant..... Al tried to sit up but was aching too much, "N-Nii-san?!"
Maybe his ears were playing tricks on him. He put a hand on Al's shoulder, making him lay back down "Don't over-do it... You need to rest..."

Al still couldn't believe it, by some reason he was now in control. Though this did bring up debate where the other one went. Maybe they had just switched places for the time being, if that was even possible. He laid back down with Ed's help, "Nii-san, i-it's me!"

"Aru...!?" his eyes went wide
"H-hai," he said sounding excited and yet akward by it at the same time, "I don't know how it all really happened, but hai."

"W-wait.... But if you're here then..." He was happy to finally get to talk to his brother, but what happened to the other Al?

Al knew what he ment, "I don't know.. we can only hope that maybe we just switched places for the time being," he sighed and looked away, "though he seemed just torn apart.. I wasn't sure how to really help him either.. hopefully he didn't try something else too rashly," he put a hand over the mark to stop the burning.

"Aru.. It's not that I'm not happy you're back... I wouldn't mind if stayed that way, but then what would happen to him? This is all really screwed up..." he let out a frustrated sigh and reached out his automail hand, smiling slightly "Here... At least I can be of some help.."

Al turned red as he felt the back of Ed's hand against his head, cooling the mark off slightly. It wasn't something that he had ever expected to feel, "a-arigato.." He went back onto the question Ed asked, "I wish I knew. Though for me it was basically being someplace kinda dark, and unknown to what was sort of going on... kind of what sleeping is.. and yet I was still awake."

"Sounds somewhat like what Ryu said he went through... Though he was stuck with Ignorance in Limbo...." he sighed. He would have to get to try and get Ryu out of that place somehow... It was right for him to be stuck alone back in that hell. "Ano.. Let me know when to turn my hand... It won't work for long, but it should help some..."

"Uh, hai.." Al said back. "Ignorance..." that name sounded familiar, then he remembered, "oh that's right, he's that agent of the Gate, right?"

He shifted his gaze to the open window "Hai..."

Al looked up at him and then sighed and faced the other direction. There on the other bed he saw someone else and then was really surprised, "i-is that Envy?!"

Ed glanced back at Al, and then to the other bed where Envy had been placed "Hai... But at the moment he's like a living doll... Ignorance did something to him, and now he doesn't do anything by lay there..." His gaze went back to looking out the window "You've missed quite a bit..." he turned his hand over, figuring it was about time, because from what he remembered from the other day, it wouldn't have taken long for the metal to absorb the heat from the mark.
    "It seems like I have.." he looked down at himself, "I been able to look into his thoughts and memories though of what has happened. So I do know some of the things that have been going on...." after awhile he trailed off to a different topic, "it feels weird though... having a body again.."

He chuckled softly "Be me when I found you... well him... Bah... You are him and he's you in a way... Anyway.. It was completely weird finding you not in the armor... Speaking of which..." he turned and looked at Al "What happened? How come you ran off in the middle of the night? And you took my suitcase... Why?"

".... huh?" Al blinked a few times, then backed away a little feeling embarrassed, "w-when did that happen?!"

He pulled his hand back, the metal very warm to the touch "Don't tell me... You don't remember do you?"

Al shook his head, "the last thing I remember was just having my soul rejected. Then the next thing I knew was.. well.. being here."

Ed sighed, well that was going to remain a mystery for a while, and he would have to track down the answer and his missing suitcase whenever they finally got back to Central. "So the last few weeks are pretty much a blank for you then...?"

"Hai.. it would seem so.." he sighed.

"Need me to fill in any of the details?"

"Hm?" he looked back up, "hai.. if you don't mind anyway.."

"What do you want to know? Or should I say what do you know that you need me to clarify?" he folded his hands and leaned forward some, resting his forearms on top of his thighs, still looking over at Al.

"Umm... hmm.." he sat there and thought about it. So far he knew quite a bit about the other Al, or atleast what he was like. But now would be a good time to learn what else was going around him, "well, I guess what happened when I 'ran away' first of all. Because I don't even remember that."

"After I found you...him.. dammit... This is really hard to talk about when I'm now dealing with two of you.." He laughed a little "Instead of one brother, I now have two..." he sighed and smiled, looking down at the floor "I went a week without sleep trying to find you, and ended up finding your 10 year old self in a disserted warehouse on the west side of Central..." Ed went on from there, telling Al everything that had been happening up until he had woken up, which took several hours.

Al just sat there and listened, waiting for Ed to finish. "Seems like it's all a lot more complicated than I thought it was.." he winced again and covered the mark.

"Hai... It's quite complicated.." He looked over at Al, and saw him covering the Ouroboros again. he stood up "I'll go get an ice pack..."

"Uh, hai.." he kept a hand over it. Never thought I would get one of these... he sort of laughed at that thought. Though aside from the pain, he didn't mind it at all. Atleast it wasn't as bad as living in something else where most of your senses were cut off. Not to mention not having to rely on an array anymore had many ups too. After awhile he heard the door creak open, then saw someone peek though. At first he thought it was his brother again, but then realising it was someone else. It was someone he remembered quite well however, "Winry?" He watched her quickly shutting the door again and heard her walking off. He was slightly confused what that was all about, it wasn't something that she would normally do...