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Sun, Jun. 12th, 2005, 12:02 am
ototo_aru: Death and Rebirth

((last post for now.. and damn this one's a doosy o.o))

He stormed off from the house, heading directly down the hill towards the same path he had used before when he wanted to think... And right now all he really wanted to do was cool his head in the pool of water at the base of the waterfall. He was FURIOUS that Al would do something so stupid as to allow himself to be tricked into giving himself back up to the Gate when he was trying his damnedest to keep that very thing from happening... He would have to go back and talk to his brother later when he was calmed down, but for the moment, he needed to be as far away from Al as he could get on foot, and be able to return later the same way.

Finally after awhile Al made his way over to the drawer, opening it and taking the vial out to look at. The stones inside still had an interesting shine to them. He gripped it more tightly, wanting to just break it so that it would all go away. He wasn't going to allow it, no matter the cost. Whatever they were planning, he was going to make sure it would never happen. And yet, the outcome was inevitable.

More images of the dream came back, as though it was just haunting him into doing something he was going to forever regret. That person he saw was nothing more than a monster now.. a cold, heartless monster. And those stones were probably just a small step away from creating it. Those gentle eyes he used to see, were going to become cold, nearly lifeless and dead to the world.

Al couldn't stand it any longer. He had to stop it. But nothing was going to work.. nothing. He was only helpless, useless.
Unless... Al knew his brother was going to forever hate him after this, but he didn't care. Everything spelled out some sort of awful fate for him at this point. He transmuted the stones into a fine red liquid and brought it up closer to himself, removing the top. Whatever they had in plan for his brother, they were now going to have to do the same to him..........

He stumbled back to where the beds were, feeling completely sick inside. It took him awhile to realise what he had done, what sort of fate he had just bound himself to. Eventually he fell halfway onto Ed's bed and halfway on the floor. The vial had rolled it's way away from him ........ it was now empty......

There was a twang of pain and his skin felt like it was on fire. Ed stumbled a few steps, catching himself on a nearby tree, the sound of rushing water filling his ears. He had to get to the water... His body felt like it was burning both on the inside and on the outside, causing him to stumble forward in a half-run towards the sound, finding that it was a lot closer than he had realized and he stepped right off the bank and fell into the pool of water, hot bubbles welling up all around him as the cold water tried to take away the bite of the fire. His feet touched bottom and he pushed upwards, reaching for air, his automail and clothing weighing him down. His face barely broke the surface as he lurched forward, trying to move towards the bank... to get some sort of foothold... he needed to keep his head above the water, or he was likely to drown.

There was a growl, and fingers twisted into Al's hair, yanking his body upwards, dangling above the floor. He narrowed his eyes and held Al's face directly in front of his "Well, well, well... You seem to REALLY want to go back to the Gate for good..."

"....." he couldn't say anything back, or move for that matter. Only stare back with halfclosed eyes.

"You do know that the human body can't handle that right? You're better off dead.. Which once that works it's way through your system... You will be dead within the next hour or two... So It'll be nice to collect you, because you'll be ending up in Limbo with me..." He smirked and dropped Al on the floor "Oh and by the way..." he squatted down next to Al, whispering in his ear "You do know that here is quite a nice supply of those in the Gate, so you basically just killed yourself for no reason..." he chuckled and stood back up "Enjoy the next 2 hours because you won't be around after that to enjoy anything else... Oh but wait... It acts like a neurotoxin as well...." he laughed and shook his head "Guess you won't be doing much to enjoy it after all..." he reached over and grabbed Envy "Guess I should go get Escape out of the drink before he drowns himself because of you..." he stepped through a newly opened portal "See you in 2 hours..." floated back out before the portal closed.

"....." no matter how hard he tried he still wasn't able to move. His eyes was starting to shut more as it begun to take it's course, "............ Nii-san..........."

He was struggling to get to the riverbank, but only found himself being pulled further into the torrent. His skin was still burning despite the water, and he was now having to deal with the pain from that and the fact his lungs were burning, and starting to get filled with water. Just as his head went under for another round of 'drown Edo', something gripped him by the braid and dragged him upwards, his body being tossed onto the grass. he landed with a thud and was already coughing up water as he was trying to get air into his lungs in it's place.

"I can't leave you alone for 5 minutes before you or your brother goes and does something to further my enjoyment..." he shook his head and dropped Envy on the ground in a heap. He strolled over to Ed, and squatted down next to him "I see you still haven't taken your medicine chibi hinadori.... And I shall rectify that shortly. But for the moment, you need to play the role of babysitter and watch your mindless friend over there... I have some other matters to attend to..." He stood up and was about to leave when Ed finally spoke "W-what do you mean I have to play babysitter!?" He paused "Well lets just say the current person I left in charge went and did something really stupid, and just give their life up in forfeit..." he smirked and didn't even give Ed a chance to ask anything as he stepped into a portal, leaving Ed to finish his undrowning session and Envy to just lay there.

Al just remained there, both feeling dead on the outside and inside as time ticked on..... why did he do it? This wasn't what he planned at all. He kept hearing a different voice inside him, constantly asking what happened, why did he do, why wasn't he moving at all.... It was the other soul, the rightful one.. He was merely 'loaning' this body to him, and all he did was wreck it.... what sort of right did Al have? At this point, he was well off being dead, but now he was taking someone else with him, someone who had no choice in the matter at all.

Right now, all that Al wanted now was just to die.

He coughed up more water as Ignorance left... Current person in charge? Stupid? Oh no... "Aru!!" he forced his burning body to get up, grabbing Envy, and slinging him over his shoulder, wincing as the marks under his still drenched clothes were pressed into. At least Envy was rather light, and he started making his way back to the house, trying to keep himself upright as he ran as best he could with the load and the pain.
... why did you do it? ...... he wasn't able to send any thoughts back. All he wanted was to be left alone. Al didn't say anything for awhile, noticing that he was only giving up now. If you don't fight back you'll... ...... it wasn't like he was able to fight back anyway. He was tired of trying. But if he died, they both would. He didn't want to take someone else with him, but it wasn't like he was able to control that.. and right now he didn't feel like wanting to live right now. Eventually even that voice faded as Al drifted off more into whatever whatever state he was, away from anything that would be considered living now.

He trudged the way back to the house, trying his best to hurry. Whatever Al had done in his absence just made his life forfeit according to Ignorance. He spotted the house up on top of the hill, and he worked his way to the window of the guest room, which was perched on the corner of the house. The sun had already gone down by the time he reached the window, and he shoved Envy through it, hoisting himself up and onto the bed. The room was dark, and he couldn't see Al anywhere in the very dim light of twilight "Aru? You here?"

"......" Al was laying lifeless where ever Ignorance had dropped him. The vial remained on top of the bed next to him, empty though some tiny leftover droplets remained.

He saw the empty vial, and his eyes went wide "Aru... you didn't...." he picked up the vial with a shaky hand, shaking his head at the same time "Aru.... what have you done...."

He wasn't able to hear anything at all. Every second was important to him now, and yet there wasn't anything he could do.

He didn't know what to do, he didn't even know if Al was even there. Actually he was rather floored as he sat there, looking at the empty vial, noticing a small bead of red liquid in the very bottom. He didn't know what had happened to Al, and his brain wasn't wanting to catch up to his body. He was trying to make himself move, to go turn on the light in the room, to see if maybe Ignorance had left Al behind... but he couldn't make his body do anything... All he could do was stair at the vial in his shaky, unsteady hand.

Al had completely givened up, accepting this new void he was in. It was ironic to him, all he ever desired since being in the Gate was the feeling of actually being wanted, cared for even. And now all he wanted to be once again alone and forgottened. It seemed like here he wasn't able to hurt anyone, or even himself.

He finally was able to slide to the edge of the bed, his feet not touching the hard wood floor, but something soft... He looked down, to where his feet were resting and spotted the outline of a body. His voice was shaky as he moved his feet and reached down, his hand shaking Al's shoulder "..a-a-aru.... s-say something.... anything... o-negai...."

He was still alive, to say the least. But didn't move at all.

He crawled off the bed and got onto the floor. He kneeled next to his brother, shaking his shoulder again "...aru... o-negai.... say something...."


He cradled Al's head in his arms, tears starting to run down his cheeks as he pressed his forehead to his brother’s as he spoke in a whisper "Aru... no baka... Why did you have to go do a dumb thing like this... I'm going to end up losing you for good, and I don't know how to fix it...."


Al felt a small bit of warmth that suddenly went away, startling him a bit actually. He perked up a bit and was able to look around but unable to see anything. Finally Al sulked again, he knew what it was from.
........ Nii-san....

He cleared his throat as he perched on the end of the bed "You both are apt to do some really dumb things aren't you?" He didn't look up "Go away... This is all your damn fault!" "Aww is that anyway to talk to someone who might be able to cut you a deal to keep him from dying? Though I would MUCH rather prefer he end up in Limbo where he belongs... But I highly doubt you'll be very cooperative... So I'm here to cut you a deal... a Touka Koukan..." He narrowed his eyes, but didn't look up "Whenever you say that, it never turns out the way it should..." He chuckled and smirked "You act like it's all my fault..." "Because it IS all your damn fault!!" "Well if you want to be that way, I can just let him die... Seeing as he's right at the end of the very short rope he was holding onto already..." he stepped off of the bed and stood up, a portal opening up to allow him to exit. "...w-wait..." Ignorance paused "What the hell do I have to pay? I know you already have something in mind... what is it?" He grinned sadistically in the dark "Oh... Just the fact he's now going to have to pay for being stupid.... Meaning you know the little family that you joined... It might get another member..."

Al wasn't sure what was going on, but it seemed like something was happening outside where he was at. Although, it seemed like after every second he was losing more and more of himself and wouldn't last much longer.

He sat there, silent for a few moments, lifting his head and looking down at the lifeless form of his brother in his arms. Things just seemed to be getting more and more screwed up as the seconds ticked on "You like to seriously screw with us don't you?" "First off, I'm doing as I was told to do by my employer... Secondly, I wasn't the idiot that turned the Philosopher's Stone into a beverage... So he is going to reap what he has sewn.. Plus there isn't a way to get the stone out even if he was to live... Which he has about 2 minutes left of that.. So you might want to make your choice real quick..."

Al's breathing got a bit worse. Obviously there wasn't alot of time left.

He sighed... Al was going to hate him for the answer he was about to give, but it had to be done "Fine... But under one condition..." He chuckled "You really aren't in a position to make any demands chibi hinadori, but fine, indulge my curiosity..." He turned and glared at Ignorance "We stay together.." He shrugged "Fine whatever... Though I can not guarantee the Gate won't split you up.." "It's either that, or no deal.. And I'll make sure you don't have me either..." He raised an eyebrow "Hey I'm giving you a general warning... And you might want to say yes because his heart's about to freeze up..." "Fine whatever, just do something!" The black, wraith-like hands reached up through the floor, sinking claws into Al's flesh, dragging him down into the floor. He watched as Ed hung on, trying to fight them off "Let him go you dolt... You said yes, and he has to go into Limbo for me to do anything... Now if you want to go with him, be my guest..." He grabbed Envy and tossed him through another portal as Both Al and Ed were dragged down into the void that had opened below them. After they had passed through, he sunk into the floor, a grin on his face "Oh what idiots these humans really are..."

Al still hadn't moved much as he was pulled into Limbo. Now floating in the darkness someplace at the mercy of what was around him.

He stepped between Ed and Al, pulling them apart and leaving Ed to hanging there in the emptiness "Now don't give me that look..... you're just in the way at the moment..." He held a hand over Al's now outstretched body, the second one held underneath "Let's see where it begins and where it ends..." All he could do was watch, not sure as to what the hell he was talking about, or what was going on. He moved his hands until they were right over the lower back and the large intestine "Well found the start of it, meaning the end should be about..." he took a finger and placed it right above the left eye "....here... And I'd be right..." right under his finger the skin started to bubble as red liquid oozed to the surface and started to burn into the shape of the Ouroboros "Welp now he needs a name.. Hmmm..." He thought for a few moments, looking over at Ed, and grinning... "I think I have one that may work.. Anguish... it's minor, but oh how it packs a punch..."

Al winced a bit as the mark burned it's way on him, but still didn't awake up at all.

"Hmmm... Well you two are free to go back to that little hole you call a home at the moment... But mind you, you WILL be eating the stones... All three of you.. And before you ask, you should already know Envy has to eat them.. Otherwise he will be more than just a walking Palmtree.... he'll be a vegetable that responds like a doll..." He laughed as Ed, Al, and Envy all were dragged out of Limbo by the wraith hands. You seriously should have just delt with it rather than letting them do your job Ignorance... "Oh just hush... You know it'll work out better in the end anyway... Now Escape will be more willing to do what we want, and Anguish will be a trump card..." He smirked You had best be ready to clean up the mess... I'm not going to be the one who has to care for your 'pets' when you get bored.... "You know me well enough by now I break my toys before I ever get bored with them..." he grinned sadistically before fading out