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Sat, Jun. 11th, 2005, 11:16 pm
ototo_aru: Dreams of Horror

    Al watched the portal fade then he got outside using the window and went over beside Ed. He didn't know what to do, he couldn't just give him a stone. But, if it would save his life.... No, he couldn't, he wasn't going to..... it would be wrong... but..

His chest was caved in, and he was struggling to get any air that he could, which wasn't doing any good. The broken bones had punctured a hole in both lungs, and it was like trying to inflate a busted balloon: it wasn't going to work.
"Nii-san...." Al gripped the vial tightly. There wasn't much time left, nor was there any other choice. Finally he just shakely brought the vial infront of him, finding the smallest one inside it and pulling it out. Maybe if it was a small one, it won't be as bad. Just to be on the safe side, be tried to snap only a peice of it, which wasn't working too well....

She was a bit shaken. Everything that just happened was a bit unreal... Hell more like completely impossible. She looked at Winry, who was still standing by the window. She didn't know weather to see if Al was alright, or remain in the same spot. She decided it would be best to make sure Al was fine, and then go from there... He was going to have a lot of explaining to do later.

He couldn’t get any air, and everything was completely pitch black…he felt like he was drowning. His brain and body were screaming for air, but he couldn’t give it any... Seconds were turning into an eternity as his body struggled to try and save itself.

Al finally gave up on trying to break the stone in two. Appearently they were much more harder than they looked. Maybe he really was going to have to feed it to him, no matter how much Al refused to do it. He gripped the stone tightly, until he felt some sort of strange glow from it, "... huh?" He looked down at his hand. Sure enough, the small red stone was in fact glowing. Then it hit him.. these things were a Philosopher's Stone. Maybe not as powerful as the official one, but it still could do things that many couldn't. Maybe he didn't have to feed it to Ed afterall. If a complete stone could bring an entire body back as they said, then a smaller one should be able to atleast cure one. Al held the glowing stone just a few inches above Ed's chest, then waited to see what it was capable of. Soon he noticed that Ed was starting to improve.

A hand reached out of thin air and smacked Al on the back of the head "No trying to get around it... I AM watching you, you know...." the voice faded.

"-?!" Al was startled and jumped a bit, dropping the stone which stopped glowing after he did. So, Ignorance was watching him. And yet, Al didn't matter. He looked down at Ed, who was starting to breathe more normally now atleast. Al picked up the stone and just continued. No matter what, he wasn't going to sit here and watch all of this happen the way it was planned. He was doomed to the Gate no matter what he did anyway. He was better off making a sacrifice like that somewhat useful rather than a complete waste.

Ed's chest was returning to normal, and so was is breathing. His eyelids fluttered a few times, but he didn't wake up.

Pinako made her way to the other bed and crawled onto it, looking out of the window along with Winry "Aru are you alri.. Is that Edo!?" she said as the light she had seen at a glance faded.

Al sighed, putting the stone down on the grass and didn't look up towards the window, "hai.. it is..."

Pinako needed to get to the bottom of all of this, but first the injured needed to be brought in from outside before the sun went down. "Aru wait right there and Winry and I will come help you bring those two inside... And then you need to explain what's going on..." she ducked back inside and made her way through the house, followed by Winry.

Al finally looked up at them and gave a silent nod before they left. He placed the stone back into the vial and then hid it behind his back, being that Al had no pockets to put it in. He glanced over at Envy who hadn't moved an inch even after all of this. Shortly after Al heard the two starting to make thier way over to the side of the house where they were at.

Ed still wasn’t stirring, even when he was picked up and carried inside by Winry and Pinako, and placed onto one of the beds in the guest room. After they had returned outside and brought in Envy, Pinako gave Al a stern look "Aru... Do I really want to know what all of this about?"

He looked down to cover his face, "I told you everything I know already. This is all completely new to me as well..." Al paused for a second until going on, "gomen.."

She sighed "Aru... Just don't think you have to keep this from us ok? We're family too and we do worry about the both of you... If you have a problem, or need help, ask..." She took Winry by the hand and led her out of the room.

How could they help? How can anyone help them? Al looked at the vial again now unsure what to do with it. There was a drawer in a corner of the room, maybe he could hide it in there for now. If Ed was to see him with it, well, he didn't know how he'll react. Or even to the deal he just made..Why was everything just like a downward spiral? It just kept getting worse, and the only direction was to just keep getting lower with no chance of making it back out. Almost like a drain.

Suddenly that image flashed back into his mind, causing Al to go back in shock. This time there was actually sound that followed with it. Al tried to block it out and kneeled to the floor, but it didn't shut it off. Eventually Al fainted once again with a thud. Why.. Why was he tortured with this? What this a warning of what would happen...?

He started to stir a little bit, but not really coming to

Where ever Al was right now, it was dark. It sounded like he was running and the footsteps where echoing as though it was a very large, hallow building. Finally he skidded to a hault and saw someone up ahead. It was distorted and had it's back turned from him, but he could see who it was quite well, his brother. Al approched slightly closer to him, then suddenly backed far away. There was a extremely high level of fear coming from him, as though something wasn't right at all. The red marks were very visible to him, almost like they were lit up and shining even though he had his black overshirt on and should have covered most of it. And there.. the right arm, transformed into a blade, with steams of blood running down it, all of it collecting at the tip before dripping to the ground and splashing into a small puddle it made. Like the marks it also looked like it was glowing, almost reminded him of the stones. The ground that Ed was standing on seemed to have been also strained red as well. Something had happened, something awful....... Something that didn't even seem human anymore......

He started to come to, his eyelids fluttering open. He was confused and really disoriented, not really noticing at first he was back in the bedroom. He just stared straight upwards, the ceiling going in and out of focus through half-lidded eyes.

Al shot up again, not really sure where he anymore. If whenever it was still that dream or he was out of it. That time.. it seemed to real than before..

Ed yawned widely, rubbing his eyes with his fingertips

His eyes went a bit wider after hearing him, almost wanting to let out a yell. He pushed himself away from where ever it was from only to crash into a wall and banged his head against it.

"Huh....?" Ed turned his head on the bed towards the sound, spotting Al sitting there with wide eyes. He started to sit up "Aru? What's wrong?"

Al still wasn't sure if which was real or not right now. And after witnessing that, he wanted to stay as far away from Ed as possible just to be safer, "just... st-stay back..! .. Don't touch me!"

Ed raised an eyebrow and just sat there propped up on an elbow "Aru...?"

He didn't say anything much after that, waiting to catch his breath again.

He sat up all the way, his feet dangling over the edge of the bed "Something wrong...?"

Al waited a bit before talking, somewhat slow to prevent himself from panicing again, "you.. you did something really horrible Nii-san.."

"Say what!?" He sook his head as if he hadn't heard him right "What do you mean I did something horrible?"

He hestitated before going on, "it.. I don't really know what it was exactly.... But..... people were killed.... lots of them..." Al lowered his head and still remembered it all. "I.. I was asking why you did it, but you didn't say anything.. It was like.. you didn't reconized me at all, you didn't know who I was." He was beginning a cry a bit after the last part. "I kept trying to call out to you, but got nothing back... Finally, you came after me.... and.... and..." Al had just brust after that. He remembered how Ed had ran after him, with Al trying to stop him the best he could. Telling him who he was, begging him to stop, but nothing was reaching to him.. and then the last thing was the sound of the blade cutting through the air and then craving directly into his skin, leaving trails of blood behind and that flown infront of Al's face. "You.... you were going to kill me.... Nii-san...".

"Wait wait wait.. I was going to k-kill you!?" He didn't know what the hell Al was talking about, thought he was now fully awake and realizing something was seriously wrong... "T-that makes no sense Aru! You sure it's nothing more than just a really bad dream?"

"I don't know.." Al tensed up next to the wall, "I saw it before.. and it just looks too real... so I don't know..."

".... But I haven't done anything like what you're describing Aru..."

"I know... but.. what if... what if it does actually happen..?"

"..." Ed looked away, he didn't know how to answer that question....

"....... those stones...." Al finally spoke out. "I think... they have something to with this. I'm not sure why but.. I think they are going something bad to you.."

"I could have told you that.... Wait... Why are you bringing those up?" he looked up, a questionable look written all over his face

He looked up towards where he hid the vial. Should he really tell them about that? Though, it was probably best that Ed knew the full situtation before jumping to a decision, ".... I have them still..."

He looked back up "Still have what?"

"The stones Ignorance wanted to give you. They are still here.." he didn't want to look up at him, feeling too ashamed, "and if you don't take them.... I have to go back in the Gate..."

His eyes went wide "NANI!?! Oh that bastard!" He hit a fist on the bed

Al wrinced back a bit after hearing him yell. "... Don't do it.. please.. I don't want to see other people getting hurt because of this... I'm doomed to returned back there anyways, it doesn't mattler what you do..." he finally actually shouted at him, "So stop hurting yourself for no reason!!!"

"Aru.. I... I will not let you go back there!!" He stood up, his fist balled up "So quit saying that you are because I won't let it happen!!"

"....!" Al had tensed up more, having his arms folded and resting on his knees. He didn't say a word.

"Aru.. I.... Gomen..." he looked off to the side and slumped back onto the bed, letting out a frustrated sigh "I won't let you go back to that place.."

"..." he just lifted his head up a bit to look around, still staying quiet.

    He stared at the floor "So what now?"


He looked up "Aru... What do you want me to do?"

He still didn't respond at first, then just buried his head again ".. I don't know.."

Ed noticed the slow reaction and rasied an eyebrow, standing up "Aru... Are you alright?" he said softly as he made his way over to his brother

Al glanced up again, then noticing that Ed was coming closer. Somehow a bit of light refected off of the right arm, making him flinch back away but hitting the wall again but not as hard as before.

He stopped and just stood there "Aru..." he sighed

He just sat there, leaning against the wall for support. He shook his head to get the image out.. Al shouldn't be this afraid of him.. but...

He turned back towards the window and climbed on the bed "I'm going for a walk..." It was better that he slip out this way rather than walking through the house causing more problems from his presence being there.

"Huh? Hey wait!" Al reached out to stop him feeling something was his fault... then again... maybe it was..

Ed stopped, one foot on the windowsill, and looked back at Al "Aru... I'm just causing more problems for you by being around you at the moment... You're seriously freaked out..."

"I-it's okay.. I'm fine now.. really" he smiled a bit though it wasn't all that real.

He sighed and sat on the windowsill, arms crossed and resting ontop of his knees "Aru.. You're not fine... I can tell.."

Al dropped the expression a bit since it didn't seem like it was going to work. "But.. it's probably not safe for you out there.."

He looked away "Is any place actually safe anymore? No matter where I go, he's going to find me..." he sighed "Aru... I don't know what to do..."

Al tried to stand up while using the wall to help, "I'm not sure what to do either. So you're not alone in that... Demo.." he looked off to the side, "I hate seeing you hurt like that.. and we are still together for now.."

Ed nodded "That part is true... But if we don't do what he says, it'll end up more than just the way current situation is..." he sighed and ran his fingers through his hair

"But if we do what he says, then it might lead to something even worse.." he sounded really worried

"We're stuck between the proverbial rock and a hard place on this... On the one hand, if we do as he says, you stay safe, but the outcome may be worse... On the other hand, we don't do as he says, he takes you back into Limbo and more than likely force those things down my throat... So no matter what we choose to do, it'll end up the same in the end..." He paused and then sighed, not looking at his brother "Aru... We might as well do as he says because I doubt he'll let it go otherwise... He already threatened to shove them down my throat by force... Wait..." He thought for a moment and looked up "While I was passed out, what happened between you and him? I barely remember you speaking to him before I blacked out..."

"I..." he didn't want to look at him, how was Ed going to react if he told him that he gave himself up? ".... He didn't make the agreement... I did...... I had to think of something to make him stop.. I had to do something to make him gain something out of no matter what would happen.. which was to give myself up.." Al paused, thinking about what he actually done, "gomen.. Nii-san.."

He didn't say anything, instead of him helping his brother, he was only making it worse... much, MUCH worse... "I-I can't believe you.... You actually went and did something so very STUPID as to get yourself bound to the Gate even further!! He wouldn't have killed me!! They need me for some... plan that the gate seems to be concocting with someone else!! ARU NO BAKA!!!" He was shaking with rage, but he didn't look up. How could his brother be as stupid as that to allow himself to be pulled further into debt...

Al didn't say a word at all.. it was exactly what he thought he was going to say. He just slumped down to the ground again. What he did was wrong, he knew that. No matter how much he tried to help, it seemed like all he got in return was guilt, shouts, and failures..

He turned and climbed out of the window without a word... He seriously needed a walk right now, otherwise he was liable to blow up even further.

Al just sulked on the floor, ".... what have I done...?" He lifted his head again where the drawer was, containing the vial.. had he really done the right thing?