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Fri, Jun. 10th, 2005, 06:16 am
ototo_aru: Vial of Red Stones

((.... and let the fun begin..... ><))

Ed looked back down at Envy "Well I'm not totally sure as to what to do with you now... This is actually a bit weird in its own right..." he sighed and just sat on the windowsill, his mind wandering. Why the hell was Ignorance wanting HIM to eat those stones? He didn't even really want to think about it... But the thought just wouldn't leave him alone.

Al remained pretty quiet for awhile, until about a half a hour passed and he seemed to have tensed up a bit, curling up into a more defensive state. He rolled over to one side and faced the wall and started to call out for his brother. The matter got a bit worse as a minute rolled on. "NII-SAN!!" he shot right up with his eyes widen, unable to believe anything that he had just seen even though it all happened right infront him. Then Al patted around himself as though to make sure that he was actually in one peice still.

Ed had been staring off into space, not really paying attention until the loud scream from Al. He actually fell backwards out of the window from the surprise and hit the ground hard with a thud "Itaiiiiii...." he said with swirls for eyes.

He was still shaking and stared blankly. No... it couldn't be... that would never...

There was the sound of running feet as Pinako, closely followed by Winry came running to the bedroom, the door being pushed open "Aru! We heard a scream! Are you..." She noticed the form laying on the other bed "....ok...."

"....." it had practically killed him from the inside. Suddenly Al had just fainted and laid limp on the bed and not responding to anything.

Pinako ignored the odd person with green hair on the other bed and rushed over to Al's side, gripping his shoulders and shaking him "Aru!! Aru!! Say something!!"

He didn't say anything at all. Winry was just standing in the back watching everything and unsure how to help. Nor even knew what was happening.

He laid on the ground for a few minutes before snapping out of it, sitting up and shaking his head. Just as he started to stand up, a hand knocked him to the ground, grabbing his hair and wrenching his face upwards. Ed's eyes went WIDE as he saw Ignorance standing above him, a rather bemused look on his face. "Hmm... Why is it every time I try to help you out, you seem to want to turn it into something else? Oh yeah... Why the hell did I find THIS way out in the open?" He shoved the vial filled with red stones right in Ed's face, using the end like a pointer "You were told to eat these... And I'm NOT going to be nice about it either..." Just as Ed started to protest, he gave a good yank on the blond locks held in his grip "And I didn't ask for an option from the peanut gallery either...."

"....?" Winry heard something going outside the window wasn't able to see anything out of it, "who's there..?"

He looked up, grinning as he held Ed by his hair "Ah... so the whiney brat is still around..." He turned his attention back to Ed, who was squirming until another yank on his hair made him stop "Now, since I seem to have to do EVERYTHING myself... I might as well force-feed you these since you won't do it willingly... And I need to make sure Envy eats some as well.. Can't have him acting like a vegetable when he has a job to do..." He put a heavy foot right in the middle of Ed's chest, and pushed him into his back as he stood up, letting go of the locks while his foot ground into Ed's chest, causing him to scream out in pain. He stood up fully, looking right into the window, grinning right at Winry as he reached in and plucked Envy off of the bed, dragging him through the window, and tossing him to the ground. "Feeding time hinadori...."

Al groaned a bit after beginning to snap out of it. Everything was still blurry though but finally managed to sit up straight, not sure what was going on. His hearing was bit off, but suddenly he was able to reconize Ignorance's voice and was overcomed with fear again. Without paying any attention to the condition he was in he sprang up and quickly looked out where the voice was, witnessing the site that was taking place. Oh no.... "Leave them alone!!" Al had gotten some sort of pole to shoot out of the ground where Ignorance was, having the vial getting knocked out of his hand. However Al got extremely weak afterwards and almost fainted again but used the windowstill as support.

He rolled his eyes and let out a sigh as he watched the vial fall to the ground and roll away from where he was standing "You really should just mind your own business charge.. It might get you killed...." a grin split across his face as he looked upwards towards Al "Or maybe someone else you know...." he ground his foot into Ed's chest again, the sound of bones cracking under the stress as Ed screamed out in pain. He narrowed his eyes and looked back down at Ed, a wicked grin on his face "Unlike a normal homunculus.... He's still able to be killed at the moment..."

Al shut his eyes tightly and wrinced under the sound, struggling to talk back, "please... just let him go... this wasn't part of the deal!"

He laughed deeply, almost sadistically "The deal was that you took care of them for an unspecified amount of time... There was never anything said that I couldn't do this..." he put more pressure on Ed's chest, starting to put a LOT of pressure on Ed's heart and lungs "Also... I told you to make SURE they ate those.." he nodded his head towards the fallen vial that was currently out of his reach. "And I did specifically say that I would KNOW if you hadn't.... So if you don't want him dead, you may want to butt out... Because I hold no reserve in killing him... And at the moment, I'm about to end up crushing his heart and lungs.." he looked up, the same sadistic grin beaming up at Al "And just a little more pressure, and I really will..."

"W-wait don't-!" Al tried stop him and reached out of the window, then talked more slowly. By now he noticed that Ed was unconscious, "that thing you want to give to them.. what is it exactly? Why is it so important?"

He chuckled "None of your concern... But if you MUST know WHAT they are... Lets just say they pack a punch.... And they aren't knock offs like you humans like to make..." A void opened up under the vial, swallowing it up before closing. A second portal opened just above his hand, dropping the vial of red stones into his hand. "Now if you try that little trick again, I will finish crushing his chest in..."

Al was about to stop him again but hesitated. If he tried to interferr again Ignorance might just kill Ed right on the spot, but if he just sat there then it may cause more trouble.... especially... after seeing that. "W-wait a minute--!" Al finally spoked out again. "I'll... I'll make sure that he gets it. I'm sure I can make him accept it easier than you could. Just.. just give me another chance..."

He raised an eyebrow and stood up to full height, staring Al right in the face "And why should I give YOU a second chance? You seem quite incapable of doing it right the first time... And I doubt you trying again will do any of them a WORLD of good..." He crossed his arms, tapping the vial on his upper arm.

He couldn't believe the words he was going to say next. But if it would prevent Ed from having those stones for just a bit longer and bought some time, then it was worth it. "You didn't give me alot of time to do it the first time. If you want it done properly than it can't be rushed.." Al slumped over a bit, feeling more runned down. "Nii-san trusts me. So I shouldn't have much trouble giving it to him...." he actually felt sick after saying that.

"Let me think.... How about 'No'? Is that a suitable answer for you? You're taking me for some pathetic sap that can have the wool pulled over their eyes by some trick of the tongue..." He leaned in "Listen here booi... I'm far too old to be tricked by a simple play of the mind..." He grinned widely "And I've been through your entire history.... And I don't mean your pathetic little short life.... I mean you humans as a whole.... I've been around since the beginning, so don't think what ever little plan you have cooking up there in that mind of yours is going to work... Because you humans never seem to come up with any new thoughts that haven't already been tried before.. Sure you may try it in a new situation, but it's always the same in the end...."

"Then.. how about some sort of deal? You and the Gate seem to like deals," Al went on, "if I choose not to use the vial on him, then you or the Gate can anything you want with me... even more than what I'm currently 'charged' for."

He laughed "Ah so you DO know something about Touka Koukan... But what you're offering really isn't much of a trade from where I'm sitting... Hmmm..." he pressed just a tiny bit more on Ed's chest, causing him to let out a tiny cry "I don't really think I can trust you enough to do as you say you will.... Though the prospect of this making my job easier has it's merits... What to do, what to do..."

He didn't say anything back and just looked down at the ground, can't believing that he just sold himself further into the Gate just for this.

"Fine, I'm going to accept this because if you don't do as you're told, you WILL end up back in the Gate..." He handed the vial back over to Al "And this is the only chance you have at doing this, because if you let your brother get rid of these again, I will be pulling your ass right into Limbo as soon as that vial leaves his hands. And you can take that as a threat, a promise, and anything else that makes the deal null and void... So I suggest you hide that from him..." He finally raised his foot off of Ed's chest "Oh and if I were you, I would give him one real soon because he's going to die from internal bleeding... You have oh say about 5 minutes to do whatever your little mind wants to, because after that, there really isn't much hope for him..." He grinned "And him dying also makes the deal null and void.... So you had better be quick about it...." Just as a portal opened behind him, he paused again "Oh and make sure you give Envy some too... He shouldn't be adverse to eating those..." He stepped through the portal, his voice floating out "And I'd watch your hands if I were you..." there was a bit of a grin contained in the voice as the portal closed, leaving Ed gasping for unobtainable air on the ground.